{Held}Captive... Lights, Camera, Action...

I have been playing #inmystudio and working everyday since I settled down from America and I have to say I'm in a good studio space.  I love my studio so much.   I have spent the better part of this year working on my technical kit (lighting, tripod and camera arm), my creative space practically and virtually.  I know it's a process and these things take time and I've been working and improving on this for around 2 years and I continue to do so.  I got advice from film industry/photographer friends as well as from Robin when I was in Oregon and Ivy and Chris Newport's class Lights, Camera, Art.  Thank you all for your invaluable info and advice.  Digz and my Dad will help me with some further rigging in October... but for now my lighting and set up has improved my filming process dramatically.

I'm one happy girl.

Having improved lighting and a beautiful space has made my painting time so much more enjoyable and I'm having a ball and I'm so excited to be filming and sharing more of my process, it seems to have released something inside.

I am still running my early bird special on my new class so don't forget to sign up.


"Finding and capturing emotional tenderness in your paint, clay and creative process."

Much love, always,

Jeanne-Marie xoxoxo