The Year of the House...

Being home a bit during the holidays and going slower has me looking around and realising our home needed some maintenance. I have neglected much last year because we were mostly on the run and I had no time really.  I'm loving taking a moment and finding balance.


We are slowly moving through each room - painting. clearing and sorting, which has been long overdue.  I am focusing on doing something small everyday.  Even if it's moving a piece of furniture around or putting up a picture.  I am real home body so this is ministering to my heart big time.  We are loving being home at the moment.

We have decided we are going to focus on making our "Old Girl" beautiful this year and we have all jumped onboard with this project.  Once we have finished working on the inside we will think about painting the outside, before winter.  Like all creative projects, they take time to unfold and come to fruition and I am thoroughly enjoying the process.

It's a great way to start the year.