Beautiful Bags...

After using my bag everyday since I got it, it was time for a clean.

Although Township Bags don't recommend submerging the bag in water, I did... partly because I was curious and you know I need to test everything. Plus I'm practical and I don't have time to fuss.

I wanted a thorough wash and I wanted to see what would happen. 


I threw it in the washer on a short cold wash cycle because it is 100% cotton.

I am happy to say that the image on the front of the bag is completely colorfast.  There was a slight variance to the size of the bag due to the fact that Township uses 100% Organic Cotton that is not treated with chemicals.   My bag is still gorgeous, much softer and beautifully organic.  I do love cotton.  I am thrilled with the durability and complete functionality of my Beautiful Bags.

I am one happy girl.

I'm heading back to Township Bags in the week to hopefully process my next batch of bags.  We will be working on some new concepts for my second batch.  I will be testing some different images too and keeping some of the popular ones.