All I brought with me for our week away was my mechanical pencil and eraser.  I knew I wanted to draw but I kept walking big circles around my new beautiful Leather Bound journal form my girls.  It was their Christmas gift to me. I am so grateful for their genersity.


Maybe it's because it was new and beautiful and full of scary blank pages, that I felt so overwhelmed to start.  Maybe it was because I was so exhausted and I know when my defences are low, my inner critic can be screaming loud.

I also knew first hand that studying a Master can be challenging after doing that in my class and I was feeling anxious about starting there first. 


Like with all things, starting and allowing myself to get lost with my humble pencil was all that was required and the peace came quietly.  It was good for my soul and I'm so glad I didn't give into my fear.  I think I'm going to spend a bit of time here with my pencil and my beautiful new journal because it is helping me grow, find peace and feel comforted.

I think it is what I need that right now. 

It has been a gentle way to close out my year creatively and a peaceful way to start my New Year too.