Summer is finally here...

Every year everyone always seems a little shocked when summer finally arrives.

As someone who feels the cold the way I do, I know exactly when the warm finally arrives and it’s never in September when everyone expects. For the past 20 years… it has only ever arrived in December. And it when it arrives it does so with a vengeance. South African summers are hot and long but Cape Town is the exception. Our summers aren’t long and being coastal with our oceans being Atlantic, there is always this cold wind off the ocean. You always need a jersey especially in the evenings. The days can be brutally hot and the evenings with that icy wind, cold and to me it’s bitterly cold :-)


We had so much beautiful rain in November which is a bit unusual but the dry long summer months are terrifying me a little after the drought and water shortages the past while. The November and December rains have been glorious and the water in the forest, off the mountain has been flowing - I haven’t seen water flowing like this for years.

And of course my favorite part of summer are the beautiful flowering trees that flood our streets and gardens with brilliant colors and scents. Which make evening walks heavenly.