Choosing a simpler way...

After hearing Annie Hamman’s health testimony earlier this year, I was so blown away and really started researching. We had long telephone convos about it and I looked at the books she suggested. Various other things happened this year especially with Kitty and her health and well-being, we started talking about it more. With both of us doing yoga as much as we have been, we decided to start eating in a more simpler way. Choosing fruit and veggies over meats and choosing raw over cooked where we can. I’m not making any statements that we are now…. vegan or vegetarian or anything but more consciously choosing a different way daily and totally loving it. What I do know is that it’s been a long transition and small daily changes, going slowly.


It turned our meal prep on it’s head. Having two very different eating groups in our home was proving challenging. Our meals are now quick and easy to prepare and there was a big divide in our sharing meals. And we were all feeling it. Eating together is something we have always done as a family. We always stop what we are doing and commune together no matter what. A big part of our togetherness is around food.

We had to regroup and think how we were going to do this. And we did and we have come together beautifully. I’m so grateful to Corks who instigated this and got so on board with us and what we were doing and we have in returned met each other in our different spaces and worked together.

I’m so grateful my family loves healthy food and good food and with us getting all creative in the kitchen again has brought new life back into our kitchen and meal making.