Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

I really had such a beautiful day.

It was a quiet, gentle, kind and soft day and really the best way I could have got to spend my birthday.  Thank you for all the love and messages, I especially loved the "one to one" messages.  My day was filled with all the things that are totally filling my love tank at the moment.


My special family put together my own HyggeBox which just moved me so deeply because it showed me that they have been listening to my heart and musings about Hygge of late and what has been occupying my heart at the moment.  I loved that.

I wasn't sure how I was feeling about turning 45 but all 'n all I think this is a good place to be halfway/midlife.  I know it's a weird concept but it has got me thinking about it.  I have been lost in my thoughts about it and I know one thing is for certain, I am not taking a single moment for granted.