It was all about Kitty...

We had planned this day for Kitty for months.  We wanted to spoil her purely and simply because she's amazing.  Turning 17 was way more important to her than turning 16 was and we wanted this day to be one she would remember, always.  Not only did it rain beautifully on her special day which was a beautiful gift in itself but she had been saving for months for her record player.

I knew I wanted to help her little dream come true.  Finding a red record player was just an absolute bonus.  Corks spent the morning scouting through many lps to find some we knew she would love and she did.  She loves old music and what better way to play them the old fashioned way.


She had an incredible day at school with her friends too and just had a stunning birthday week.  I couldn't have planned it better myself.  It was important to her and she felt so loved.

Mission accomplished.


She wanted to spend the day in one of her fav places in Cape Town, so we booked this for the weekend.  She woke up on Sunday morning with a full head cold and was feeling grotty but we went anyway, we knew it would cheer her up.  We had a lovely day out.  It's always a treat of treats to visit here, browse the beautiful artisan shops and the harbor and just move slowly together.

We found a delicious bakery and sat outside eating gorgeous pastries.


I love these kind of birthdays, when we adventure together just the 4 of us and dream out loud and it feels like we are floating.  It's always good for the heart.  17 has felt huge for all of us and I can't believe our baby girl is maturing at such a rapid pace.

She's one cool kid and I'm so grateful for her in my life.