"The Keeper of Books"

What a joy to finally finish a piece this year, it's been a battle of wills.

I haven't been able to move forward or past the unfinished pieces on my desk.   The unfinished works have been an obstacle and blocking me in many ways.  It's a terrible habit to get myself into and I have been here before.  I have done the work not to do this to myself and I find it strange that I have slipped back into this old pattern.  I do know unfinished works is part of fear.  So I know on a subconscious level, somethings up.  I know it takes courage to finish strong and it's easy to get distracted with new and more exciting things and projects.


That being said, it feels like something has shifted inside of me in terms of what I'm doing creatively although I have no idea what that looks like or will look like.  I just know it has to change and I know change is never easy.  And our spirits fight it sometimes.

I have found it hard to hold this space comfortably and it's been painful the past few months to see what now feels 'old' for me through.  It has been more than challenging and at times has left me completely paralyzed. I know how important it is for me to finish what I've started and go into the deep waters even when my heart no longer wants to.

Finishing my little Keeper of Books has felt in many ways like a small victory and I have more to finish this week.  I am encouraged.  I hope to share more victories with you this week.

In terms of where I'm going... I'll share that with you soon.

Love always, Jeannie