#365TinyCaptures - March is a wrap!

It was a big month.

I love having these beautiful little keepsakes to remind me of the goodness of each day.  When the days and months are long and hard, these are beautiful reminders of the goodness too.  It's good to have touch stones.  This month, I listened to 2 great books, pretty life changing actually.  I have been showing up almost everyday to paint, albeit slowly I did manage to finish 3 pieces and do 2 drawings this month, so I'm happy dancing.  It's been good.  I'm working on some other things, I'll share more soon.


I am still working most days in the City for the filming season.  We had a few public holidays this month and the extra days off where a treat.  I also managed to squeeze in a 2 day book binding class. Having family was also a treat and the girls are both on holiday now for around 10days.

So on that note, farewell March 2018.  Thank you for all the beautiful!