Come join us in Orvieto, Italy...

I've been waiting for this day to arrive so I could share this exciting news with you.

Next year September, I'll be returning to my Beautiful Orvieto but this time I will be returning to teach alongside my special friend and wonderful teacher, Ivette Newport.

I'm beyond honoured and thrilled to be working together with Ivette again.

Come weave a...

 Creative Tapestry of Orvieto

with us in September 2019


"Soul Ties" - to a hilltop village far far away  12"X16"x1.5" Stretched Canvas

This will be the 4th time returning to Orvieto and every time I go, it's a kind of private pilgrimage and I do highly recommend you taking this incredible journey for yourself.  It has deeply and profoundly changed my life, my art and my soul in every way.  It has captivated my every being and I don't think I'll never stop dreaming of creating in the upper room at the Monastery and taking in the incredible ancient world of Orvieto.

We are expecting the class to fill up quickly so be sure to get on the list because there will be limited spaces.  We are both so excited and I couldn't think of a wonderful teacher to work alongside.  Thank you Ivette and Michelle, Adventures in Italy for this incredible opportunity.