Garden Love...

Thank you for all the messages asking about my little garden.  It's settling in and I have to say I love how it looked after the 2 days of rain we had this week.  It was so good for my soul.  My Frangipani plant is doing beautifully and my Rosemary is flowering.  My Star Jasmine hedge has survived and the ones in my pots too.  Most of my lavender is doing okay and my water wise plants are beautiful.  I am about to move into the second phase of my yard project now that this has settled down some.  I spent the morning measuring out and walking around and getting new ideas and I think I have a new plan.  I'll start executing it in around a weeks time.  I love how it's settled and I'm excited for my new plans. Like all things, it takes time.

We are heading into our rainy season and we are holding our breath for our rains to come.

We are hopeful!