I moved my one Zen paved circle to another part of my garden, where grass just won't grow.  Moving the pavers means there is less dirt for me to contend with.  And for that I'm so grateful.  This week we had 1-2 glorious days of on and off rain and each drop is a celebration, literally.

Considering we haven't had rain, my garden is gloriously green.  The 100 year old trees that surround our property are evergreen and this definitely helps my survival and wellbeing.


I noticed this week that my succulents are actually growing and spreading between my pavers and I'm thrilled.  Some of my lavender has bounced back from the heat and growing.

My star jasmine hedge in the making is doing well and my potted jasmine and frangipani are doing beautifully.  In terms of occasional waterings during the hot no rain weeks, I am using grey water that we are catching from showers.


Cement will be thrown where the old zen circle used to be and the wooden wattle stick walls will go up and big green potted plants will move in.  We will place wooden chairs and a moveable fire pit and this will be a bbq area.   Then I will have just one zone left of dirt.  That will be my final zone and I'm still working on a plan for that area.  I have some ideas.


I am hoping the winter rains (when they eventually come) will settle everything down.  I'm already seeing a shift with the small bit of rain we have had and I'm encouraged.  What I am hoping is that by next Spring, we will be able to use this space outside instead of it being a derelict abandoned zone of nothingness.  We can walk around and sit on the outside benches and enjoy the autumn days outside before the cold fully arrives.

That's already an improvement.  I am encouraged.