Head down...

Wowser what a month so far...

I have been filming for two different creative platforms... eeck.  My headspace was deeply challenged, my Mac completely full and my canvas wasn't playing nice.  Plus I was in a full on battle in myself and my creativity, which usually happens when you are on a deadline, right.  Only when I stopped fighting with myself could I surrender to the process.

The whole month has felt like that.  It's been a real push and pull in letting go of the control, surrendering and feeling the relief.

Always tough lessons.


Today I submitted my second assignment for Gillian's workshop.  The chapter was brilliant and challenging and I'm realising so much about my creative process. 


graphite blocks with white conte - drawings in mini journal

Sorry I have been quiet on the social medias but it's been a head down kind of month.  Besides teaching and filming and working during the day, I had to do written homework and artwork on my assignment.  This chapter has been about exploration and experimentation and I'm in deep.  We are working in sketchbooks and I am creatively playing and exploring and I'm loving it.   I could do with another month in this section.  It's been brilliant.  I'm so grateful to be in this season of learning.  It has been pretty exciting.