Head down...

Wowser what a month so far...

I have been filming for two different creative platforms and it hasn't been easy.  My headspace was deeply challenged, my Mac completely full and my canvas wasn't playing nice.  Plus I was in a full on battle in myself and my creativity, which usually happens when you are on a deadline, right.  Only when I stopped fighting with myself could I surrender to the process.

The whole month has felt like that.  It's been a real push and pull in letting go of the control, surrendering and feeling the relief.

Always tough lessons.



Today I submitted my second assignment for Gillian's workshop.  I am not going to lie, I'm out of my comfort zones.  The chapter was brilliant and challenging and I'm realising so much about my creative process.  It's deep, there is no doubt about it and I have felt a little in pain at times but I'm walking through it. 


Sorry I have been quiet on the social medias but it's been a head down kind of month.  Besides teaching and filming and working during the day, I had to do homework and work on my assignment.  This chapter has been about exploration and experimentation and I'm in deep.  We are working in sketchbooks and I am creatively playing and exploring and I'm loving it.

I could do with another month in this section.  It's been brilliant.  I'm so grateful to be in this season of learning.