Goodbye May, Hello June...

We retreated a little inwards for May.

The girls were in deep with exams and formal assessments and Digby had his 5th operation on his leg.  So far after every op, he regresses and this time was no exception.  He had to do a fix up on his December operation because it wouldn't heal and at the same time had the final two screws removed from his knee.  It meant lying low and time off the leg.  No riding, no walking but long hours in front of the fire.  In April, we celebrated one year since his hit and run accident (can you believe it) and if you told me that it would take well over a year for him to recover, I wouldn't have believed you.  It has made us weary.  There is a silent pressure on us when he regresses.

How can I say this... when he limped, we all limped.

We continue to walk alongside each other.  It has taught us much in patience and slowing down.  It has taught us appreciation for health and wellness like you can't believe, especially as we are moving closer to 50.  It has taught us kindness with our bodies and grace to move a little slower when we needed to.  


It took the whole of May to recover and I'm relieved to be through it...

Digby is doing much better and rode on the road this weekend for the first time again.  The girls are finished their exams and assessments and the marks are in and all are happy.  My shingles have cleared and we are feeling like we have turned a big corner, mentally and emotionally.

We are ready to embrace a quiet and gentle June.