It was a week of clay...

I got to work on new pieces and old pieces this week.

On my new pieces, I wanted to work a little more serious than my usual pieces.  I didn't want to focus on creating emotion in the face but I wanted to capture emotion and movement with body gesturing and hand placements.  Working those hands take plenty hours.

I am loving the outcome and I can't wait to do more.


I have been working with this big girl for 18 Months.  But I keep changing her.  She's currently a journal book end #inmystudio.  She's perfect at this job.  I'm finally starting to enjoy her.  I came through this morning and she's full of cracks but we will start doing repair work tomorrow when she's more dry.  I can't wait to finish her.


My beloved Jovi PaperClay has changed their recipe or something but my last two packets have not only been vastly different from each other but also different to what I'm used to and I'm having to work hard to find my way with it.  My studio is a fridge this time of year so my figures are taking longer to dry.

I'm trying to be patient - I'll keep you posted.