Finishing old pieces...

I started this piece in 2015 and never finished it.  It originally had two figures and it was part of my first year of 365Faces, 1faceaday journey.  The faces were lovely but the bodies were unfinished.  It has been waiting patiently for me all this time.  With many many layers and frustrations later, even scraping and sanding back... I started to find my way.

I love working this way.  I don't mind the messes and the fixes at all.  I almost can't get through any painting lately without what feels like has become this necessary step in my creative process.  I don't fully understand why exactly but I'm moving with it.  I think it might have to do with discovering new paints and how they work together with my old paints.  I'm intrigued.  Yes, I'm still very much in my green mode and I'm hoping to linger here a little longer, without feeling guilty about it.  I'm playing with the different shades of green and what happens when I add different blues to it, yellows and black and whites too.

So for now this is where I'm playing, repeating and playing some more.