Let's talk about color...

Color keeps coming up for me this year and it was a full chapter in Gillian's class.  I was afraid to face it when we got there - not sure why exactly because I'm a big color person.  I have this thing with color where we dance together but I don't really know the steps, right?  Admitting that I'm clueless felt a little shameful to me on some levels.  But as I started exploring it, I realised it wasn't the big boogie man I was making it in my head and dare I say I'm soooo enjoying exploring it more.  Giving myself permission to use it unashamedly.  Gillian said some things to me in the class and my notes that brought up some childhood memories around my relationship with color that moved me deeply and maybe even shifted something for me.


Corks shared this wonderful app called Adobe Capture with me.  One of it's lovely little features if you are moved by a color scheme or mood in front of you, hold up your phone to capture it and it works out the color palette for you.  I did this against one of my latest paintings and it's pretty spot on.  It has other awesome features too.  I hope you love this as much as I do.

This is a great little secret to help me in my studio notes book and research journal.

I love finding clever little things like this.