Budokon Yoga Mornings...

The past few years I’ve been doing on and off yoga. More off than on. For ages I giggled at myself for not being any good at it but I just kind of loved it for what it was. It wasn’t about being good or bad but more about me being. Stretching my stiff body. I sit a lot and stand a lot so I’m stiff in body. By the end of last year, something shifted and I’ve been going regularly, around 3 times a week. I’m a little hooked. And I’m slowly getting better, slowly getting stronger and slowly understanding more. More than that, I’m slowly loving it more and more. At our silent retreat we did such amazing yoga and our teachers recommended where we should go if we wanted to do more of that style of yoga. I did. I have been researching for 2 weeks and at last I signed up for a month long course, 12 sessions. to learn more and grow more, deeper learning. I feel like I am on this beautiful private journey.

Silent, intentional and utterly beautiful to me.


I am nervous, excited. It’s a new studio that I’ll be going to and that always takes courage. It will be 3 early mornings a week. It starts early October so the mornings will be lighter and warmer and I think it will be a brilliant way to start my day and make my weeks so beautiful.

#SoGrateful #SoHumbled