265 done and 100 to go...

The days have been slipping past and this year has moved at such a pace, that has at times left me breathless. Documenting this year in picture form has been such a gift to me. I have loved my journey. Visually… it’s moved me deeply. One thing has been clear the whole way through is being able to recognise the patterns of our life and our life is beautifully simple.

And simply beautiful.


Even though we have had challenges this year, a lot of them… it is SUCH a BeautifulLife and it’s really helped me not only focus on how hard things have been but it’s helped me hold on.

Thank you #365TinyCaptures for reminding me how precious our life is… each day, each memory, and each moment. You have taken my breath away with your beautiful reminders. Looking back with such fondness - I have loved every single day even in it’s fragility and in it’s vulnerability but mostly in it’s love.