Mister Finch Inspired...

I know most of you have seen me share this image on FB/Instagram but I wanted to share it here too.  It was a delightful surprise that happened on this piece and I'm so captivated by the outcome.  And rather grateful too.  I've been needing something to captivate me and hold my thoughts.  As I was contemplating how to move forward with this smallish portrait.  I had stumbled upon these incredible fabric moths on Pinterest at the beginning of the year and I knew I wanted to paint them.  I was just trying to find the right time and right amount of courage.  I had saved the image but not the details and I wasn't sure how to find it again.  I shared this image on Twitter when a kind friend introduced me to Mister Finch, as I shared in a previous post.  I am so utterly captivated by his fabric works and I am completely smitten.  I can't wait for his book to arrive.

How utterly incredible to find flowers on moth wings, quite simply the most perfect combination to me.  Long may I stay here, captivated, intrigued and deeply moved.  I hope I will continue to find simple beauty and mystery in this place.

Thank you Mister Finch for adding so much beautiful to the world, especially mine at a time when I needed it the most.