Hmmm I found it hard to start this project again this year.

Not because I didn’t want to do it or didn’t love it. You know I loved it but I wasn’t sure if I carry on with all the tangible images or do I just do it digitally. So I contemplated it for two long agonizing weeks. Hahaha, I know that sounds dramatic, I was driving myself nuts. I continued taking my images everyday, because I have been taking pictures everyday for almost 10 years now. It’s very natural for me to capture moments. I loved the actual images but doing the whole project on Instax cost me a fair amount the whole year long, not overwhelmingly so but still some. And all said and done they are just two precious to put in a box. To display them is a 1.8m long framed piece and if I did that every year (which I could do)… where would I put them all.


So for now I’m doing this project digitally on Instagram under a different profile… called 365TinyCaptures and I am sooooo loving it and in many ways even more than last year. I’m loving sharing daily and sharing more of my thoughts around each moment / day.

What I will do is print off some very precious ones and do smaller displays of specialness instead of running off the whole year. As for 2018, my whole collection is being framed up as we speak and it’s a visual feast for our eyes. I’m so excited for that big piece to come home and to see it up and the beautiful story it will tell. Thank you friends who are journeying with Lucy and I again this year.

I can’t wait to see this years rhythms of love, life and everything else.