It's that time of year again...

As life goes… it appears every January, I find myself back to decluttering, reorganising and sorting out our lives just a little more, in the hope of making life more manageable and easier to cope with during the weeks of busyness and in the mayhem of life. To make life flow a little easier. You start to realise that you have just been living with things a certain way and when you fix them and you look back and you wonder why you waited 7 years to fix that. I know that sounds so bad… like how could you leave anything unattended for that long, right?


Obviously the thing on the top of my list to finish was my garden project . Nothing would make my life a little more manageable than finishing this final phase. We went through winter and received beautiful rain and I wanted to reassess after that. I now know that my ground/soil in totally unable to yield any life form whatsoever. I’ve made my peace with this even though I found it heartbreaking. It forced me to fix a few things… I had to move my pavers closer in towards each other to minimise the dirt. I had to use pots instead of planting into the ground. And I had to cement the large final space of dirt. I used pretty pavers where I could to make attractive zones.

But the back section of the garden, really needed help and I needed help with this section. It was bigger than me. The back gully was jammed with rubble and leaves and sand and a collapsing wall and dates back from before we arrived here. And it’s been one of those little issues that I wanted fixed for 7 years.


I am sooo happy to say, just like that… it’s fixed.

I found the perfect person to help me who saw my vision and did it better than expected. My heart is overflowing and now… all the excess dirt and rubble has been removed and the weight of that rubble lifted off my soul and it feels like I can breathe again. I didn’t realise until this week that there had been some things that have been pushing down on me and I didn’t know how much until they were lifted.

This incredible space is still drying but I can’t wait for that and I cant wait to start decorating and dressing this zone. It will be an added zone to our “stoep” or patio which is very tiny.

I can’t believe it’s done and can’t wait to share more with you.