Threaduary #1, #2 and #3

If you have been following me online you will have noticed I’ve been stitching like a crazy lady. I’ve decided to jump onboard and join other fibre artists on Instagram with #Threaduary… Stitching for February.

It was part of my plan this year to do around 50 new stitchings.… aiming for about one a week. But January came and went and I was in serious procrastination mode. I was getting overwhelmed about all I wanted to do and accomplish this year with my art and not sure where to start.

January also tends to be my month of fixing and decluttering so I knew I was already behind schedule with this little project. But then Threaduary came around and although I know I can’t do a new piece everyday, I know I can at least stitch everyday. And I will do my best to follow along. If nothing else I will have a few extra pieces than before I started February and I’m so thrilled by the concept.


The aim of me producing around 50 new pieces is purely to improve my stitching skills and understanding of composition and threading color. After I started dabbling last year with thread, it felt like my work was a little naive and clumsy and I knew I had work to do. I am excited about learning more.

I’m considering holding a small local exhibition of these works later in the year.

I will keep you posted.