My incredible folks...

We worked out this weekend that we have been going to the yearly Cheese Awards for and with my folks for between 13-15 years. Mainly because the awards are held in Cape Town and sometimes they couldn’t make it down or we just got to lovingly walk beside them through each ceremony. They have been mostly consistent through the years but the past 4 or 5 years they have been totally exceptional. Proving to me over and over that hard work pays off. Honestly, I’ve never seen them work harder. I know their product is special, of course I’m totally bias. I quietly hope each year that this will be their year for “Product of the Year”.


This year I could stop hoping. Something happened this year when they made the announcement where I had told myself, this wasn’t their year. And for a brief moment my focus moved away from the announcement. I think perhaps all of ours did. When they announced “St Francis…” we were all kind of shocked.

It’s hard for me to explain what happened in room after that - it was like the energy surged up and the joy and love for my parents was so tangible. It completely overwhelmed me. They were bewildered when they went up to collect their trophy and when they returned to the table, people descended on them with hugs and kisses and so much joy. It was hard to contain. To see my folks so loved, moved me deeply. I think partly because we all think our parents are brilliant and I have to say I still do. But when others also see them in this light - wow, it’s humbling. I am so grateful I got to witness this moment in their lives.

To my Mom and Dad - thank you for all you do and share in your journey to becoming truly outstanding craftsman in your trade. Thank you for defying age constantly and your work ethic is mighty. Thank you that you belong to us and I feel so privileged to share you with the world.

We love you!