I have been dying to do another little stitching piece because after Threaduary I kind of hid away from my threads and needles. I know that sounds funny but working that intensely can be overwhelming and my stitching in February was intense. That being said, I have been ready to be back here. She’s tiny and she’s on a little calico sack that Chrissie sent me in my beautiful parcel a while back. So far all my stitchings have been on strange little fabrics that I have had in my sewing box. I kind of like that idea very much. Some of my fav works in the past have been on scraps of paper, fabric or canvas.

There is a kind of no pressure vibe to it, that my artist self must find enjoyable and playful and therefore a lot less intimidating.


I have been wanting to only stitch pieces that are inspired and based on some of my previous paintings. It’s just a concept I’ve been trying and playing with. She is inspired by my last 6”x6” piece. I know she probably looks nothing a like but she’s where I started from.

Speaking of Chrissie’s parcel… my special friend sent me what felt like a Christmas box of goodies a while back and I can’t even tell you what this beautiful gesture did for my heart. Soooo much goodness, so much thoughtfulness and so much love. Thank you beautiful friend, for your love and care in each delicately wrapped piece. Blown way by your kindness and unbelievable generosity.


Look at those gorgeous silk threads on beautiful old wooden reels and my beautiful beautiful Chrissie eye. That beautiful piece of art is up #inmystudio on my desk and it makes me feel that little bit closer.

Love you sweet friend. Thank you for everything.