#InMyStudio - a works in progress...

I’ve been so inspired by Illustration works lately. Courteney got me hooked. Whenever she finds a new artist on instagram that she thinks I will like, she points me in that direction and a lot of them are illustrative. I know it’s definitely not an easy way to work but I’m loving the challenge and the layers. I have been doing a lot of research about it and my Pinterest art board is filled with it at the moment. I’m going to be practicing a bit over the next while and doing some studies of artists I’ve been enjoying. I’m currently working on this piece which was originally inspired by a combination of an illustration I saw of guinea fowls mixed with garden / plant illustrations.

Gosh so much to learn about this style and how I incorporate it into my own style and theme. Once again I’m smitten with the play. And I hope to linger here a little longer.


Digby and I have snuck out of town for a few days and hoping to finish these pieces while we are away.