What a crazy month...

What a crazy few weeks….

Digby has been so hectic at work with his financial year end and more, I had tax filing season and tax certificate filing season for all my clients. Corks had her 1st semester exhibition and exams, which has been her toughest semester yet. It was all conceptual and a tough subject. Kitty had her first set of exams for the year, at the same time registering for University and meeting with our dear friend Ingi to help design her degree choices. Ingi is a curriculum advisor and she helped Kitty understand her options and possibilities for next year. She also went with a friend to his matric dance which is like final year prom - she looked exquisite. When we are all operating at full throttle… I can feel we are all feeling the crunch collectively. I’m happy to say as of today we are all on leave. I’m pretty much off until the end of June. I’ll be doing some odd days work in between but mostly I’ll be flying low. Kitty is leaving for Art Tour and Corks will be hanging with us for the next few weeks which is always a treat of treats.


As we slowly start exhaling from the whirlwind of almost 6 months of this year, we are starting to reap some of the rewards of hard work. It makes the hard days a little more worth it.

I am aware that with social media and even with #365TinyCaptures that the visual story being told with perfectly selected pictures that are atheistically pleasing that it could come across that we are living this perfect existence, right? But we know the truth is that life is messy. I’m noticing that there is this delicate balance of good with the bad, hard with the easy, crazy with the sane and of course so much joy mingled in with sadness too. Always. This is our life… our crazy crazy imperfect, unpredictable and at times unmanageable life. The gift of #365TinyCaptures is that it gives me but a moment to cling to in each day that feels like goodness, mini reminders that I can find moments of beautiful in what can sometimes feel like a harsh place at times. And for that I’m so grateful and collectively the images are just so pretty.

Thank you to those who have been following my daily gratitude for the 2nd year running, it truly means the world to me.