Home away from home...

When we settled it in our hearts that we wouldn’t be able to afford buying a property in Cape Town… we started toying with the idea of buying out of town.  By out of town, I mean way out of town.

In our married life we have owned two little houses, our first marital home we got just before Kitty was born and Corks was toddling.  We sold up a few years later and moved to a slightly bigger family home as the girls were getting bigger and we had two additional puppies to consider.  We eventually sold this home to move to the other side of Cape Town to be close to the schools we had chosen for the girls.  We thought we would buy again once we settled down into high school and new schools.

But as each month slipped into one another and those months slid into years, we found ourselves clearly out of the property market.  It was very sore for us to find ourselves in this place.  While out of town with friends for a long weekend, a seed was planted about buying out of town and out of curiosity we started looking at properties.  We started looking and dreaming outside the box and we returned to an area up the Garden Route, close to a place we always vacationed through the girls childhood.  We found something quickly in a one ‘traffic-light’ town with one food supply store.  If you blinked you could totally miss that you just rode through an inhabited town.

It’s a little old spot that no one wanted because the kitchen was 1970’s and very outdated and it was a deterrent to most but we could see past the cosmetics. The beautiful wooden flooring and the natural lighting was exquisite. It’s old and definitely needs some love but I’m all about the love! It was an easy decision and one we could finally afford being so far outside Cape Town. It was love and first sight!  


We have been going backwards and forwards the past while, visiting and getting to know this “new to us” little town. We have partially furnished it with thrift pieces and slowly slowly it’s becoming our little home away from home. We had to strip the kitchen and Digz refurbished the old cupboards with chalk paint, the ones we could rescue. The rotten ones we turfed out and we have added some freestanding pieces and it’s quirky but beautiful.  We broke down one wall and the whole house is centered around the kitchen which is very much the heart of every home. There is much to do but the rest will be a #wip and we have time.  With us heading into the empty-nesters stage of our lives, it’s been a beautiful distraction and a perfect project for us to help us focus on other things. There is so much to do but we are so excited to tackle small things projects at a time.

As for the area, the weather has been pure perfection, each visit. The beaches so breathtakingly pristine and the water so warm, it feels like we have stumbled upon a secret town. The best part is that is so blissfully quiet.  A quiet that we long for and but seldom get in the city.


In our years together we haven’t always made the right decisions and we have made some wrong choices, forks in the road and some of those decisions have been far reaching. But we have made some really good ones too and I have to say this one has felt like one of those really good ones where the goodness seeps into your bones with a knowing that we did something really good here... for each other and for our little family!

And for that I’m so deeply grateful!