Beautiful Orvieto, Italy...

We have around 14 weeks to go before we arrive in Italy for our sweet little class in Orvieto and as life would have it.

2 SPACES have become AVAILABLE….


because planning a class two years in advance means that sometimes life gets in the way and some things you can’t for-see.

Our class filled up so quickly so it didn’t leave space for people to dwell on the notion of coming because it is such a big beautiful decision and worth taking the time to think about taking a sacred pilgrimage for your art. I am so excited to be returning this year alongside Ivy and with Michelle and Adventures in Italy and of course with old friends and new.

What I do know…. About Italy and my beloved Orvieto.


I can unequivocally say - I fell head over heels in love with Orvieto in 2012 and it’s been a love that’s renewed each visit thereafter. This old world seeps under your skin and into your bones and it lingers there, always inside of you. I think perhaps me and Italy will never be done with each other. Travelling again, in my 40's is not by any stretch of the imagination easy. However, I do think it's necessary... all my trips to Italy have impacted me so deeply and have profoundly changed me and my art after each visit. It's deep and nourishing and this kind of expanding from the inside out - is never comfortable, growth is never comfortable but I believe growth is imperative to who we are as humans.

If you are considering coming to Italy to join my beautiful friend Ivy and myself, I feel I need to say, it's not a vacation.  It's a kind of pilgrimage and we work and play hard #inthestudio and out of the studio. Creatively, there is something so sacred about the beautiful artisan village of Orvieto, with art around every corner. It’s a visual feast. The intensity of culture, history and more. I know for myself, what I gained in the group learning, kept me unpacking what we discovery together in the classroom for months to come.

In the next few weeks as we draw closer to departure date, I will be unpacking memories and images and moments of sacredness of that precious place and walking those ancient streets, cooking beautiful meals together, creating art together and making friends that last a lifetime.