While Kitty was away we escaped to the coast for a week. The rest of us are all on leave. While I was there I filmed my lesson for Ivy’s beautiful Studioworks and did some painting and stitching for myself. I can’t remember when last I got to work creatively uninterrupted by life and all the demands on me and it was so good for my heart and soul. No words can express I grateful I was for this time of quiet. I set up a temporary studio in our room and got to leave everything out for that week. In between creative time and rest, we walked a lot and read and really rested.

The past while I have been mindful about wasting my leftover paints and when I’ve finished a block painting session. I’ve been keeping blank canvases close at hand and I use the leftover paint on that before I clean up. This is where this special girl came from. Originally she was painted solely from my leftovers and I was blown away about how profound that was to me. There was a kind of detachment in creating her this way. Which created this ease and how she just seemed to flow right out of my brush.


I have subsequently tweaked some final touches with normal paint. But she’s really special to me and I really loved creating her this way. I keep thinking if I had just washed those paints away, maybe she wouldn't be here.

I know it’s not quite like that but it’s a sweet thought.