My beautiful pouch...

I’m so smitten with the outcome of this little pouch.

When Kitty was in Istanbul she brought home a little sling bag pouch for herself and Corks. She was so thoughtful with her gifts and consideration of all. Corks started using her little pouch everyday and said it was the best gift ever and it seemed to become an extension of herself - like having an extra pocket on her body to carry small things. While I was walking past one morning I put my finished stitched square on the flap and I thought it looked so lovely. I asked my friend, who makes bags if she thought it was something she could make for me and she said “yes - let’s try”. And I love the outcome sooo much.


I will be testing this sweet prototype when I travel now when I don’t feel like taking a big bag with me.

I plan to have a few more ready for my auction when I get back from Italy.

What beautiful responses I had to my pouch - I am so humbled and touched by this!

Thank you!