Back to my first love…

I am always a little amazed at how I feel when I haven’t been painting for a while… I start to panic and feel like I may completely forget everything I’ve learnt. I have mountains of fear and then when I start… it’s like that old familiar feeling of coming home and back to something so utterly comforting to me. As hard as it is to allow myself to move away from this medium from time to time, I do know the break always does me good. The deep learning in new areas always adds a new depth to my practice and work.

As you know, I dabble in many things but I do believe I am a painter at heart. It was while I was painting almost a decade ago, that I knew I wanted to do this everyday for the rest of my life. Something happens for me when I paint. Good or bad, learning or relearning, it just feels deep, like it’s where I’m meant to be.

I have struggled for years to admit this part of me but it really makes my heart soar.

Sofa Secrets on wooden cradle board… 12”x8”x2”

Sofa Secrets on wooden cradle board… 12”x8”x2”

So after my weeks of stitching non-stop and the busyness of putting a little class together, this felt like a magical time just for myself. I’m so grateful I got to push paint around and just get lost in the layers.

Nothing made me happier than finding these two beings sitting quietly on the sofa together.


Thank you for your patience and grace around my technical glitches with my mail-chimp class send out on Monday, it was rather stressful. Thank you to all who have been so kind and patient with the process and so willing to help me iron out all the glitches that come out in the first week. I’m so grateful my schedule has been such that I could deal with them as they came up. As for my ambiguous last blog post - thank you for the adorable emails I received, I had a few giggles.

So just a to be clear on that, you would have only received an email from me with the login details, if you had actually signed up for my PaintingwithThreads class.

Thank you Thank you Thank you

Again, I can’t thank you enough for all the love I’ve been receiving this week for my little class. I am so overwhelmed by the response.

Much love, always JM