2 Weeks left to go...

Are you kidding me... from 45 days to 2 weeks - just like that!

The weeks have literally been flying by!  I'm trying desperately to slam on the brakes but it's been tough going!  I picked up my luggage a week ago and a lite messenger bag for daily outings... nothing heavy for the incredible daily walks.  This year I have decided not to take the big camera with because travelling with that added bag/size camera was quite cumbersome.  I have my cellphone.  I'm thinking I might pick up a small happy snappy at duty free!  But otherwise keeping it as light as possible.  In the meantime my suitcase is open and I'm starting to put things inside as I go.  I will definitely do a trial pack run this weekend.  I'm hoping to have everything that I need done and dusty by this weekend.  Leaving the last week open for necessities only.  And prepping the week as much as I can for Digz and the girls... making sure things run as smoothly for them as possible too.

I love how excited we all are about my trip!

I love that my beautiful people, just get it!

I'm truly blessed!