60 more sleeps...

Seriously... 60 more sleeps.

How fast are these days moving... not that I'm wishing they slow down at all...

I remember when it was a year to go... and now the days are running out.  I stumbled across my Italy 2012 pics this morning while I was re-registering for Flickr.  Wow - such beautiful reminders when you aren't looking at them everyday.

Kristi and Bill have been sending us weekly updates about beautiful Orvieto.  And today she shared about the bells, the constant little reminders that you are, in fact, in Italy!  It was seriously one of the highlights of my trip last time... If I remember correctly these were the bells I could see from my humble little room, with the most incredible view.

Another highlight of my trip last time was the walking!  We walked a lot everyday - it was incredible... as you can see.  As I walked, I kept thinking about the history that lay in these cobbles.

I can't wait to see beautiful Lorraine and her hubby Ted.  To share these moments again.

I didn't get to climb this tower last time - but it's on my list for this time.



I have dreamt about this pizza for 2 years now.  I don't eat pizza generally - but I do eat this!

Those are zucchini flowrs on pizza.  We don't get them here (we do get zucchini so why no one stocks the flowrs is a mystery to me still).  But it's the most incredible thing I have ever tasted!

Oh yes and truffle mushrooms - I'm definitely going home with some of that.