I originally finished this piece when I got back from Italy in 2012 and I named it "Dreaming of Oriveto..." Then I was already dreaming about going back in 2014.

Well... she got a make over this week and again, to me, it's a map of my growth from where I first started to where I am now, and I guess where I'm heading... well I will continue to live in hope!  Never to stagnate or get stuck and to keep pushing myself a little further, to dig a little deeper, in the hope that I will always improve.

I never want to stop doing that but most of all, I never want to stop dreaming!


When I first started entertaining the idea of Italy in 2012 it felt so out of reach and ridiculous and now again for 2014 - that too.  But I'm discovering that dreams do come true, more than once... we just have to remind ourselves to put the guilt aside, the silence the critics and keep pursuing them at all costs!!!