It's official... and I can't stop dreaming about it!

This week Orvieto has soooo been on my mind!

I keep remembering my quiet walks on the cobble streets, the silent walks around the convent.  The smells and the ringing bells!  When I work in the city, sometimes the church bells go all day and they are little reminders of my time in Orvieto!  And my new time to come.

I'm happy to say I've paid my deposit for 2014!  So I guess you can say - it's kind of official! and now the saving really starts I'm so excited to say that this time around, I won't be the complete stranger...  I know most of the team that are going, from meeting them in person and some just online!  And that makes my heart so happy!

And in 2014 I will have a roomy!!!  And that's pretty cool!

It's such a wonderful journey!  Almost a pilgrimage!!

A right of passage!!

As we venture into new spacious places in our art, in Italy and with new friends!

And my heart just soars at my thoughts of it!