Where do I even begin...

Oh my goodness...  Where do I even begin!

My emotions are huge from this trip, this time.  And my inadequate words seem to minimize the whole experience.  I keep going back to look at my pictures... but I'm totally overwhelmed.  Let me first start by saying how deep this trip felt for me this time!

 Maybe because I knew what to expect.

Maybe because my heart was more open to everything.

Maybe - I'm just 2 years older and in a completely different space.

Maybe it was many things but whatever it was, I feel something has changed inside of me.  Deep inside.

I am struggling to share it because I don't want to make it small.  It was interesting for me to see the difference between this time and last time... it made me realize and understand so much about myself, where I was then, where I am now and hopefully where I'm going.

Photo Credit - Misty Mawn Our group felt deeply connected this year - so special!

Photo Credit - Misty Mawn
Our group felt deeply connected this year - so special!

Besides being in this incredible part of the world again... I know for sure, that I have completely fallen in love with Italy!  I was warned that this would happen!  Maybe we will never be finished with each other.

Well there's that!  But it was also these incredible people... painting together again, for some of us and for the first time, others... that demands vulnerability!  And that's always deep.  But I am also sure of this... we have 2 common threads running through all of us that connects us... our love for painting and painting in this incredible setting... but also our complete adoration for Misty Mawn, our teacher and getting to sit along side her for a whole week, while she shares parts of her gifting, her skills and her creative life with us!!

Make no mistake - it's what we have traveled across the world for!