Still taking in Venice and Burano.... a beautiful day

We had a pretty good nights sleep... and a good breakfast.

We were struggling to connect to our convent's Wifi - so we were starting to feel a bit desperate.  But other than that - we were good!!

I didn't have an agenda about Venice - partly because I didn't have any time before I left to research anything about anything - also for me sometimes the best way to take in new place is by exploring and discovering and researching on the go.  And I was delighted at every turn!  However, that being said - it's left me needing to go back to explore some more because there is so much more I need to discover!  And the art museums, enough said - I need to go back!

Today we decided to leave Venice by boat and head to the small Island of Burano, a small fishing village which is famous for it's brightly colored buildings - folklore explains that they are brightly colored so that the fisherman could find their way home after their nightly drunken escapades.  I love that.  Burano is also known for their lace and Venetian glass.

We left via St Marks Square - and I'm so glad we did.

It was breathtaking.


This may be one of my favorite pictures - a tapestry of buildings overlapping each other with completely different textures, styles and colors.  I'm in heaven!


Venice from afar...

We had a long boat trip - about 2 hours.  It was a good time to chat and really get to know about each others lives.  These connecting moments were some of the hightlights of my whole trip!  I love deep connection - it's definitely one of my love languages!  So I was one happy girl!

We were so chilled after taking in this beautiful little village.

We were more than ready to take in a healthy lunch, cuppa and some Wifi - we were in heaven!  I think we sat blissfully for almost 2.5 hours and the most amazing thing is that we were both so happy doing this.  I loved how like-minded we were about travelling.

Because these little house entrances face directly onto the streets - each front door had this shade cloth covering - so they could open their doors for the fresh air to flow through - but also have their privacy from the prying tourists desperate to steal sneak-peaks into their sweet homes.

You can find water fountains through-out Italy... apparently spring water.  Apparently safe to fill your bottles.  Brilliant engineering and foresight from ancient times.

Back in Venice and slowly ambling the streets and alleyways. The thing I love most about being in Italy - is the walking!  This way you discover beautiful gems... and glimpses of this ancient world.

Beautiful finds from the day!  Lace from Burano and a beautiful painting of the village.  And ancient photos and postcards!

On the way home to our Monastery - we came across the sweetest printing press place... a little business tucked away and possibly easily missed - that seems to have been in existences for a very long time, based on the antiques in store and possibly past through the generations.  Printing off business cards and images in an etching style {the cards in the top right corner}.

The owner - a delightful man telling us stories of all the famous people he's made personal cards for... that a character!  I loved this day so much!

It was more than perfect!