I'm besotted with film photography... and even more so with Lomography.  It's a huge creative outlet for me and a beautiful place for me to just play.  It's something I started dabbling with when I was seriously lacking painting mojo.  With creativity being a daily choice - I knew I needed other outlets during the downtimes.  When I was picking up some new film stock, I accidentally stumbled across some Lomography cameras and it's was love at first sight.   It was in the slowing down and deep breathing of taking these pictures and planning shots that I fell in love with the act of taking pictures in an old fashioned way.  Not only do I get to go on creative play dates with my daughters but making beautiful pictures is a huge highlight for me.  Film carries the expectancy of delight and forces me to be patient, mindful and slow.  It's full of life lessons and discipline all of which I'm totally drawn to as much as I am to the visual beauty and alchemy of film development.



I knew I wanted an instant camera for the longest time but I couldn't get my hands on a Polaroid but it's still on my bucket list.  I settled for a Fuji Instax which served me well but I recently upgraded to a Lomography Instant Camera and I'm in heaven.  Here are glimpses of mini projects I am working on that incorporate my love for instant photography and capturing special moments in life.  Moody, milky and heavenly moments that keep me coming back for more stolen moments and wonderful keepsakes.

I guess this idea was brewing for sometime, when I saw Hailey's polaroid idea, I fell in love with her gratitude project.  Since I'm all about projects because they help me consciously choose creativity daily. This past year I've embarked on a few daily projects, from 100faces to 1FaceaDay and while I was away in July - I decided to embark on my own visual journey of gratitude. It's been a hard year of loss and I've been struggling to see the good in that and as I'm getting older I'm realizing it really is in the small things that I find joy. I've been researching the concept and I love how beautifully positive it is, combining my love of photography and lomography... it just feels good. I'm going to try my best to do it often but I know it will be a challenge to find and capture beauty in the mundane. To help me see, really see the gifts in this fragile life. http://365grateful.com/