Lesson 3

Stitching on a printed image

I had a tiny little printed pouch with a Giuseppe Arcimboldo image printed on it and I found it in amongst my things the other day. When I took a closer look at the tiny image, I thought it would actually be perfect to fill each tiny petal and leaf with a stitch. In fact, the more I look at Giuseppe’s incredible works the more I think his work is a beautiful inspiration for stitching. All the beautiful tiny details of flora and fauna.

I’ve included some of his exquisite paintings that I thought would make the most amazing stitch works.


Giuseppe Arcimboldo was an Italian Mannerist Painter b.1527.

To learn more about this fascinating painter, follow the button.

So I know not everyone will have a printed image or reference of one of Giuseppe Arcimboldo works lying around so for this lesson I recommend you get something printed up for you with your local fabric printers. My tiny image fitted perfectly into a 4” embroidery ring, so you really wouldn’t need anything big. We have a company here called ArtLab that does art scanning and printing and also prints the most beautiful fabrics. They printed my teabag paintings onto fabric for me in order for me to create my fabric sling bags. See if you can get one of these images printed up for yourself for practice and inspiration.

I learnt so much from working in this way. Taking the time to work with such delicate stitches. Filling spaces carefully and in a less clumsy way. It was an intricacy brilliant way to play. Of all the lessons I’ve shared here I do encourage this lesson the most, in terms of learning.

Otherwise consider having one of your own artworks printed up for you to stitch over.


 Lesson 3 - Stitching with a printed image






 Lesson 3 - Stitching with a printed image - Final



I learned so much more about stitching with this piece because I did the lesson twice. Working so intricately and so tiny helped me learn new things about my textures, color usage and tiny little stitches. I feel like in many ways, my work became more refined since doing these pieces. I look forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas after this lesson.