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Hello and warmest greetings from my little studio in Cape Town, South Africa.

After many requests to share my process of my figurines - I've started putting together a little workshop for you exclusively on how to make and create my soulful beings with a story.

I'm calling my workshop... The Soul Bearers.

I hope you will join in and journey with me as we create and find our sacred, beautiful beings together, through the imagery and stories buried within us.

Much love,  Jeanne-Marie



This is a self-paced class and all videos will be downloadable.


Together we will create 3 different figurines using paper clay.  I will be focusing on how to make basic armatures, attaching your clay smoothly together with how to create soulful hands and simple, but deeply emotional faces.  We will look at different postures and expressions and how to problem solve with your clay.  We will also focus on how to make and attach 3D objects to our figurines and how to paint soulful faces that help bring your beautiful creations to life.

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Supply List

Our supplies list will be organic and small and it will be about finding your story with what you have around you and inside you. 

Paper Clay of your choice

Basic Clay Tools


Organic Materials - sticks, shells, teabags etc.


Acrylic Paints

Mini Journal


Let's make soulful, beautiful and creative beings together... look forward to seeing you in class.