And... we are live.

I can't even explain the emotions and feelings I'm experiencing today... my Tiny Bags of Love class is officially in session and I'm nervous, excited, afraid and off the charts happy, all rolled into one and basically, I'm a bit of a mess.  The Facebook group is already amazing... it feels exciting and a happy place and I look forward to everyone getting stuck in.  If you haven't signed up yet... there is still time...


To keep myself distracted today I headed to my set appointment with my framers, to drop off my next 40 teabags, totalling 200 pieces to date framed.  My next appointment is around the end of August with the next 40.  So I have a schedule until the end of the year and I'm sticking to it.  These mini goals help me to say focused.  I am well over halfway but finishing strong is my objective.

As for me... I'm tidying up my studio space and life a bit as I head into new projects and big commitments - like Triumph and Survival Auction that's coming up... that's right, my bigger canvases are calling me

....and I can't wait.

Love Jeanne-Marie