Just under one week to go...

As I neared the end of my #1FaceADay #365Faces +1 project last year and with my tight framing schedule with the exhibition date set, I couldn't photograph my pieces as wonderfully as I needed to.  Which left me in a difficult position... with each framed now and behind glass - do I write that off as not being documented or do I spend a bit of time and effort getting that done.  I wasn't sure what I was going to do.

This project just felt too big to just let that go.


I love how life works sometimes... near the end of last year, my hubby went on a hike with our brother-in-law who invited his neighbour, Michael.  After hiking together, Digz discovered the Mike was none other than a Art Photographer, by profession.  I met him last week and we have a date on Friday to professionally catalogue each piece, with the correct equipment, lighting and camera I will be able to get a high resolution shot of each piece.

I'm so blown away by the synchronicity of this and how when you are looking and putting it out there, the answers come sometimes in the least expected way.


The exhibition for my TeaBagGirls is in less than a week.  If you are interested in seeing each Tiny Bag of Love, up close and personal, follow the link.