Stealing moments...

I keep saying next week will be better and I will have more time... but it's mid March and I'm not there yet.  So my studio time has been a little elusive to me still.  And I'm really struggling with that.  I'm just dying to get back to creating, learning and play, just for me.

I'm forcing myself to lay down my expectations and realise that everything that has been happening around the TinyBagsofLove, is just a season.  So for now,  I'm stealing moments here and there to fill my love tank, even if it's just little bits at a time.


By the way we have added an afternoon slot for a couple of hours, if you would like to come paint with me in North Carolina.  It will be an afternoon of sharing with each other and painting together.



 I've also been doing some non-dominant hand (left hand) drawing and painting inspired by Ivy Newport's class.  Warming up exercises.  As soon as I can I'll be heading back into the classroom to go back to learning again this year.