I waited all day to make her...

I pulled these 3D already made clay hands off my SoulBearer that I made last year.  I wasn't entirely happy with it.  I loved the hands but the piece was too big and clumsy.  I had been looking at it for a while and decided to start over. The girls get so cross with I do that but it's just the initial shock of it but they always come around.


So I had something in mind to do with these hands but I had to get through my morning at the office before I could start.  It's all I could think about all day.

I raced home and got started...

I knew I wanted to do toes and biggish feet to match the biggish hands.  I had no idea how she would work out but I'm so stoked with where we ended with each other.

My heart is overflowing because I just loved making her.  There is a tenderness to her pose, her head on her hand and holding her thin legs.

I think it's a bit of vulnerability.

I love how her hands lead this piece and it's the second time I've build a piece around the hands and I think I love this approach and I can recommend it... to make your hands first and see where it takes you.  I am loving her in this raw state with her painted hands.  It's quite expressive.

I loved that so much.  It feels so great being back in my studio.

Much Love, Jeanne-Marie