Still studying things...

I am loving this so much.

Who knew something so delightfully simple would make me so happy.  I continue to look around me for things to paint.  I have two more indian stamps to paint and the matching saucer to my sweet little teacup (that I truly had no idea I could paint) and one or two other little things.

And then... who knows what I'll find.


For now my studio feels like a place of experimenting and testing little things.  It feels like I have little pockets of this going on in one corner and that going on in another.  I am still feeling a little all over the place and I'm trying to pull it altogether but mostly I'm just enjoying myself.

Gilly is away teaching in the USA so we are spending this time catching up on things we didn't finish and doing some exercises until she returns and then we dive back into class and schedule.  For now I'm just showing up and getting used to set hours #inmystudio working on things.

And loving it.