Painting everyday...

So around mid March I realised I hadn’t painted much since my auction last year October and my last lesson for Life Book around the same time. I had been stop start and a little inconsistent. Six months is a long time to be off my painting regime. I found that pretty hard. I had a busy film season (my day job) and as I shared in my last post, I needed a change. Moving my studio was a huge shift for me and it gave some much needed new life. Plus I’ve been writing again and reading creative books and so much more.

But mostly I committed April to working everyday #inmystudio. One of my old disciplines that have always worked for me… Keeping bank hours. And I’m loving it so much.


I’ve been rusty for sure. And getting back into my regime has required grace and patience. I’m unfit. I know I have been dabbling with lots of mediums and I will obviously continue with that, but in case my mind forgot… I have been reminded just how much I love painting. Period.

It makes me so happy.

Looking forward to getting lost and more expressive the more I paint regularly.