Painting of a different kind....

I have been painting the interior of our home walls the past week or so. This is not an easy house to paint because of all the quirky zones and the high ceilings. I’ve been waking up early and doing a few hours before life starts and stealing moments here and there to do specific spaces to help break up this mighty task.

At the beginning of 2018 we started painting a few walls inside… A wall in the dining room and two bedrooms. We thought we would carry on but life happened and fast forward a year and half and we are finally at it again. I am not sure how so much time has passed. The old painted walls have really been getting me down and it’s been on my to do list for ages. I finally couldn’t take another day of it and I’m happy to say painting is underway. I have a small section to finish in our bedroom and the back zone of the house needs to be finished. Kitty will paint her room when she’s finished with her exams and Corks painted her room these holidays.

I managed to do our entrance hall where my beautiful framed 365TinyCaptures lives.


The darker walls in this zone works beautifully and I’m so happy.

I love ticking off projects on my to do list and this one feels particularly good because its such a big project and it’s so visually pleasing. Happy hearts this side of the world.

It really is in the small things and in the details.