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 There is an art to painting hands and they can be difficult and can take as much effort to learn as learning how to paint the face.  If you are looking to add more emotion and tenderness to your pieces that help finish your story, then I hope you will love my tutorial on how I paint hands.

I'm calling this tutorial... The Art of Hands

Much love,  Jeanne-Marie


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Together we will look at simple ways of drawing hands.  Exercises and practicing together and finding ways of overcoming your fear and struggles with hands.  Studying the Masters, in particular their 'handy' work.  Understanding our own hands and photographing them and applying that to your work.

Several painting tutorial of how I paint my hands and how to incorporate that into a painting.


Supply List

Journal - just for your hands

Pencils / charcoal / paper

Acrylic Paints/Canvases